About Mr. Ajit Bharti

The Man who can remember hundreds of names and number within few minutes. He can recall the name of the day from a given dates in one second. Mr. Ajit Bharti has trained Lakhs of students and professionals to improve their memory power.

Using his unique technique style, his memory training method is to make the students use their creativity, imagination and the right side of their brain. With this training, the student will improve their memories, increase observation, imagination and thinking out of the box.

Mr. Ajit Bharti fir developed an interest in the subject of "Mind Power" when he read Harry Lorayne book of memory power. He decided to study this subject more intensively and has since made career of it. Stories about his memory training work has been featured in many newspapers.

Mr. Ajit Bharti has got recorder his name in India book of Record on 31st Jan 2015 and asia book of record 9th March 2018 & also made world record 16th October 2018. He has been horned by Uttrakhand C.M. Harish Rawat with youth Icon Award on 16th October 2016.